CVS one time use camcorders hacked

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CVS one time use camcorders hacked

Post by Cobra » Thu Dec 29, 2005 1:07 am

I learned about these little camcorders the CVS drug stores sells for $30 and you have to take them back for them to burn you a dvd. I learned about these on the R/C model forums.
Seems these guys are buying these and putting them into their helicopters & airplanes and making some pretty decent videos.
Well I found out about a hack so you can d/l the videos to your computer thru a usb cable.
So I bought one today and by joe it works! :D Not a bad camcorder for 30 bucks especially now that I can offload the videos and then take more.
Here is a review of them. ... corder.htm

And here is the site for the hack info. ... 5b5c4badea

Here is a pic of the connector I installed into the side of it.

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