NME "TFC" REUNION/ NME server???

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NME "TFC" REUNION/ NME server???

Post by Speedy » Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:15 am

Hey all..
So far I am having no luck with getting this server up. Brother just got married to some Japanese Girl and it's hard to tell when he will be coming in.

So I have some question's for you all, maybe more for peeps that know about running a TFC server.

What do I need to run a TFC server?
what kinda System to run it on?
What type of Internet Connection?

And if I am able to get a good TFC server running, then will it be ok to have it up for [NME] and give it the old name East Coast TFC and so.

Anyways this may be way over my head and may not happin at all. But would atleast would like to know what I would need to run....

How & who ran it in the old days of NME? Was it T-bone or SystemCrusher?

Could they let me know what they did and how?

Or is it possible to maybe start a donation fund for to have a server for NME? And someone else set one up or something.

maybe I should post this in a help section on here.

Would like to talk with someone on the phone about a NME server...maybe T-bone or SystemCrusher or Boat

So, send me an e-mail with a number to call and what time I should call at johndmartin73@suddenlink.net
or send me a e-mail so I can send one of you my nuber to call....something...what ever

I want to play TFC and I want to have a NME clan server to go to.....boohooo cry cry

Vom.. says I am addicted to TFC....and I say Vom is correct....can't stop...have to have my TFC fix...lol

Speedy :)

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[NME] tried and true
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Re: NME "TFC" REUNION/ NME server???

Post by [NME]T-Bone » Wed Mar 19, 2008 2:50 pm

I don't understand your sudden interest in NME. You and Karen left under bad terms. Once you leave NME, you don't come back without being voted back in, so you need to remove NME from your avatar and any game handles. This doesn't mean we won't play on the same server as you if we see you online.

East Coast servers have been up & down over the years and was finally put offline due to lack of participation. Not that we don't play, we just don't play as often.

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Re: NME "TFC" REUNION/ NME server???

Post by Speedy » Thu Mar 20, 2008 6:41 am


That's been so long ago...I don't remember leaving on bad terms. But so be it..

And no problem...I will remove the avatar and game handle.

And forget that I asked for some help with creating a server..I will just wait on my brother to come in and help..

Just alittle tired of some of the dicks that are roaming around on most of the servers to play TFC on. So I will create my own in time...and hopefully find good people to play with...

Laterz Speedy :D

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