How to be a flamer

Got a tip you think would benefit someone? maybe you know a good strategy for a particular map?

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How to be a flamer

Post by [NME]Nova » Sat Dec 14, 2002 1:43 am

Step one: :drinking:
Step two: More :drinking:

Step three: :stone:

Repeat steps one and two and three.

Wait, thats not it.

Great thing about Pyros is they can pick out the snipers with that flame cannon. Pyros are short to long range class. They are like Light Hwgays..... I mean Guys. They git a fast firing weapon with a long range weapon that need no reloading. Oh how i love it went Drew panics when he runs out of missles and i keep pounding him like a salvation army drum. Things a pyro can't do: Stop Soliders Hwguys (unless your good like me!) take out sgs. Things a pyro can do: Cause mass disruption in an NME base (I faced 5 guys on one and no one touched me a few time). kill stupis medics. Classic case for me medic get medkit and tries to infect me. I just run backwards flamming him with a flame thrower till he dies.

Nova's life lessions :drinking:
Run from Soldiers They will FECK YOU UP!

Rocket jumping?? What the hell is that?

Grenade jumping will get you a one way trip to the respwan

People hate close combat and can't take it. so GET IN THEIR FACES!


Boat Sucks and will always suck.... Just messing boat

Fatties in large groups smell like bacon and ass in the summer

El Kabong cooks well with honney BBQ

Keep your lit flame thrower away from your butt after eatting beans

Stay away from Shait He'll open a can

Pick on the :n00b: first for a better score

Well that is all Just repeat steps 1, 2, and 3
Proud owner of the Pyro shop, where we can make any one look like a true flamer!

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