TF2 Tweaks/Configs

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TF2 Tweaks/Configs

Post by [NME]T-Bone » Fri Sep 21, 2007 3:53 pm

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A note on the 'Syntax' area first... if an item is surrounded in square brackets ([ or ]) it is optional; if an item is enclosed in angle brackets (< or >) then it is required for that command to work.

BUILD (Class: Engineer)
Syntax: build <gadget_number>
Description: If the engineer who used this command has enough metal, it will put him into build mode for a the item specified. Possabilities are (currently) as follows:

0: Dispenser
1: Teleport Entrance
2: Teleport Exit
3: Sentry

DESTROY (Class: Engineer)
Syntax: destroy <gadget_number>
Description: If you have built the gadget represented by the number, congratulations, you are the prowd owner of newly minted scrap metal. Handy to blow up a spy if he decides to try and restock at a hostile dispenser. Numbers represent the following:

0: Dispenser
1: Teleport Entrance
2: Teleport Exit
3: Sentry

DISGUISE (Class: Spy)
Syntax: <class_number> <team_number>
Description: And here we have it. The newbie spy's wet dream come true. This, as is fairly easy to tell from the command itself, will disguise you as someone. Who, however, depends on the numbers. The first number represents the class you wish to be, while the second represents the team. When I was testing this out, team numbers above two still worked, so I imagine that it's forward-thinking support in case someone wants to remake a murderball map or something. Anyway, here are what the numbers mean:

1: Scout
2: Sniper
3: Soldier
4: Demoman
5: Medic
6: Heavy Weapons Guy
7: Pyro
8: Spy
9: Engineer

1: Blu
2: Red

USE (Class: All; Restricted by Weapon)
Syntax: use <weapon_name>
Description: The "use" command is used to literally use the specified weapon. No muss, no fuss, you just pull out that weapon if you have it.

Here's a list of all the weapons that each class can use, EXCEPT for the Spy's Electro-Sapper. I can't seem to find the name of that thing no matter what I try. (I've organized it as to how they appear to the player - primary weapon, then secondary weapon, then melee weapon, etc.)

Scout: tf_weapon_scattergun, tf_weapon_pistol_scout, tf_weapon_bat
Soldier: tf_weapon_rocketlauncher, tf_weapon_shotgun_soldier, tf_weapon_shovel
Pyro: tf_weapon_flamethrower, tf_weapon_shotgun_pyro, tf_weapon_fireaxe
Demoman: tf_weapon_grenadelauncher, tf_weapon_pipepomblauncher, tf_weapon_bottle
Heavy Weapons Guy: tf_weapon_minigun, tf_weapon_shotgun_hwg, tf_weapon_fists
Engineer: tf_weapon_shotgun_primary, tf_weapon_pistol, tf_weapon_wrench, tf_weapon_pda_engineer_destroy, tf_weapon_pda_engineer_build
Medic: tf_weapon_syringegun_medic, tf_weapon_medigun, tf_weapon_bonesaw
Sniper: tf_weapon_sniperrifle, tf_weapon_smg, tf_weapon_club
Spy: tf_weapon_revolver, [can't find the sapper], tf_weapon_knife, tf_weapon_spy_pda

Syntax: voicemenu <menu_number> <phrase_number>
Description: This command is basically a direct method of using the 'z', 'x', and 'c' keys to send voice messages. Basically this allows you to bind a voice message directly to a key in the same fashion as how 'e' is by default bound to call in a Medic.

Menu Phrase:
0 0: Medic
0 1: Thanks
0 2: Go
0 3: Move Up
0 4: Flank Left
0 5: Flank Right
0 6: Yes
0 7: No

1 0: Incoming
1 1: Cloaked Spy
1 2: Sentry Ahead
1 3: Teleporter Here
1 4: Dispenser Here
1 5: Sentry Here
1 6: Activate Ubercharge
1 7: (Medic Only) Ubercharge Ready

2 0: Help
2 1: Battlecry
2 2: Cheers
2 3: Jeers
2 4: Positive
2 5: Negative
2 6: Nice Shot
2 7: Good Job

Syntax: lastinv
Description: This one's real easy. All it does is switch you back to your previously used weapon. (And I'm sure some of you probably realize that this is exactly the command that 'q' is bound to by default.)

Syntax: slotX (Where 'X' is a number between 0 and 10.)
Description: This command has a little more depth to it than first appears. While it is mainly used to choose a weapon, it can also be used as feedback to the default voice menus at 'z', 'x', and 'c'. For instance, if you have 'f' bound to 'slot1' and activate voice_menu_1 ('z'), pressing 'f' would cause you to call for a Medic. With regard to choosing a weapon, this command can act one of two ways. If you have fast weapon switching turned on, this command will immediately switch to that weapon. If you do not, this command will only highlight whatever weapon slot it represents and it remains up to you to do the final selection. (Note that this command is the only one that works to switch to the sapper until I can figure out the name of it. If you don't have fast weapon switching on, and you want to totally automate switching to the sapper for whatever uber spy script you're working on, the following does well for me: "slot2; wait 25; +attack; wait; -attack".)

Syntax: menuselect <item_number>
Description: Menuselect does ONLY the menu portion of slotX, so refer to that entry for the detailed explanation.

Syntax: wait [1-?]
Description: This command is very useful when running multiple commands on the same line. Basically, what this command does is halts the execution of that line for X frames based on its parameter. If you don't use a parameter, it defaults to 1. For me, a value of 100 equals roughly a second, but I haven't had time to check whether this is server or client dependant or not, so you may have to adjust your own times accordingly. An examply might be as follows for an engineer upgrading his SG: "use tf_weapon_wrench; wait; +duck; wait; +attack; wait 500; -attack; wait; -duck; lastinv". What that does is switch his wrench, ducks, starts swinging the wrench and continues for 5 seconds or so, stops swinging, stands up, and switches back to the last weapon used. If you were to attempt that without the waits, there's a pretty good chance it would fail rather spectacularly.

Syntax: alias "<name_of_alias>" "<command; list>"
Description: I know this one has been around since Half-Life, but it's important enough to bear repeating. Alias is simply a means of reducing a long list of commands into a small package. For instance, take that example from the 'wait' command. If that were alias'd, you could simply use that alias rather than try and remember the whole thing. Much easier. Plus it makes it easier to make things like communications scripts and such.
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Re: TF2 Tweaks/Configs

Post by bmovers » Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:21 am

Thanks for posting this weapon configuration, it really helps.

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